Our unique value proposition is that we offer complete EMV personalization solutions that are hardware agnostic in that we are not affiliated with any personalization equipment vendor or card manufacturer, allowing us to provide our clients a comprehensive solution that is tailored to their specific needs. 

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Comprehensive Financial Issuance Solutions  

TechTrex SecurePro™ provides comprehensive EMV Personalization solutions for financial institutions worldwide.  

Comprehensive Financial Issuance Solutions  

TechTrex SecurePro™ provides comprehensive EMV Personalization solutions for financial institutions worldwide  

TechTrex SecurePro™ CIS

The TechTrex SecurePro™ Central Issuance System is our EMV Personlisation Solution for mass issuance. The system supports the Data Preparation, Key Management and Card Production processes.  

TechTrex SecurePro™ KM whereby the necessary cryptographic keys are generated and securely transferred to the Hardware Security Module. 

KMS Key Management System  

DP Data Preparation

The TechTrex SecurePro™ DP module allows EMV (Visa or MasterCard) users to use well-defined card and application profiles in order to generate the necessary output files that will be used in the later stages of card personalization.  

CP Card Production Software

The TechTrex SecurePro™ CP module is personalization software designed to work with high output personalization equipment.  This module has the capability to communicate directly with the personalization equipment through TechTrex’s machine independent interface.   

TechTrex SecurePro™ IIS  

The TechTrex SecurePro™ Instant Issuance System fully supports the Data Preparation and Card Production processes promptly, and accomplishes this with a straightforward implementation process for branch level issuance of the chip card.  

Instant Issuance Central System  

Once connected to the issuer Card Management System (CMS), this system will act on demand to generate EMV data and drives the chip personalization at the branches. 

Instant Issuance Kiosk Station 

This SecurePro™ Instant Issuance Kiosk Station performs the card personalization steps employing a chip compliant personalization device. You can have multiple kiosks at your venue and they will communicate to the Central System via the bank network. 

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We are a global company with offices in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China and Korea. 

Global Presence 

We  provide unique, high quality, cost-effective solutions exclusively for the card and payments industry.  


We leverage our international  development and manufacturing capabilities to deliver solutions faster. 

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Our Solutions are led by our team of experts with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. 

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Highly Secure

SecurePro complies with the PCI S3 (Secure Software Standard).

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TechTrex' SecurePro™ is a comprehensive EMV Personalization solution combining hardware and software for mass and instant issuance. 

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